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Tips on Choosing Hydroponics in Food Production

Hydroponics is among the most recent technologies of food production. If you want to venture into this system of gardening, it is important to know what is required first. Below are the tips of choosing hydroponic supplies to use in the production of food.

You should first get a water reservoir for the hydroponic system. The nutrients which the plants will require for their growth will as well be contained in the reservoir. You can go for a small reservoir if you don’t have money, or a big one if there is money. It is advisable to find a reservoir that has a lid to close it. The lid plays a role of preventing evaporation of water which may lead to an imbalance. This imbalance will have an effect in the overall growth of the plants. Due to the ability of chemicals and water reacting with metals, you should not purchase a metallic reservoir.

A reliable water pump is also necessary in the hydroponic system. You will require to have reliable water pumps which will play an important role in ensuring that all your plants get supplied with sufficient water and nutrients. You need to either choose to install submersible or non-submersible water pumps. While submersible water pumps need to be installed within the solution containing nutrients, non-submersible water pumps can only be used outside the nutrient solutions. You also need to look at the output of the pipes in terms of gallons per hour, because there are other classifications based on this. For small setups, you can get a simple water pipes because they will still do all the work that is required. All functions within the hydroponic system require to be regulated using a timer. The timer plays a major role in regulating essential functions such as ventilation, watering, and even lighting. Considering your budget, you can choose to buy digital timers or analogous ones provided your system has a timer.

Finally, you should get grow lights for your system to enhance growth of the plants. The amount of light that fluorescent lights produce isn’t enough to facilitate growth of plants, even though they can be used to replace natural light. The closest replacement you can get for natural light, is the metal halide lights. These lights produce blue light in high proportions, which is crucial in supporting vegetative growth of plants. You may also decide to use high pressure sodium bulbs which use lesser energy and last longer. The high pressure sodium lights are known to produce spectrums of light which are narrower compared to the other lights. You should also purchase a growth medium because there is no soil used in hydroponic systems. Apart from the medium providing anchorage to the crops, it should also be able to allow for perfect drainage and aeration.

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